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Paris Gay Pride 2011

Paris Gay Pride
I try to cover every Gay Price since I stumbled upon the New York one. It’s a photographer dream : crazy people in «nice» outfits, who like to be taken in picture and a global good vibes.

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No tripod allowed

Toursites à La Défense
It has been a while since I wanted to go back to « La Défense » neighborhood to take some picture of the buildings. After a last minute twitter meeting with @flayks, we took our tripod and left for « La Défense ».

We spent 3 hours shooting in the night before the police came and told us that photography with tripod was not allowed without specific authorization … but we didn’t really got why…

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f/4 in Brussels

f/4 crew in BrusselsHave you heard of the f/4 project ? I guess not 🙂

Here is the pitch : every week a random theme is sorted randomly (thanks to the wikipedia random article function). Each member has the week to shoot a picture and publish it. The result is displayed here :

We did this for about a year and starded to slow down and abandon the projet due to a lack of time, a very demanding concept and an old crappy website

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French revolution disperal

French Revolution @ Bastille

I live close to the Bastille place in Paris. It’s the place where almost every demonstration ends in Paris. I can say that everything happend right under my windows, so I had no excuses not to cover this.

The place was occupied by the « french revolution » for a week, in support of the « spanish revolution ». Last saturday the Police decided to flush the manifestant out of the place.