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No tripod allowed

Toursites à La Défense
It has been a while since I wanted to go back to « La Défense » neighborhood to take some picture of the buildings. After a last minute twitter meeting with @flayks, we took our tripod and left for « La Défense ».

We spent 3 hours shooting in the night before the police came and told us that photography with tripod was not allowed without specific authorization … but we didn’t really got why…

I went back home and did some research. It seams that other photographer had the same problem in many different place of the french capital… the police officer always invoking another reason.

Finally I found what looks like an official letter that justify the fact that you are allowed to take picture in french streets with a tripod ! (unless you are a crew of 10 or more people)
Check it here :

If you just want to have a look a the pictures, here they are

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T’avais ton permis de trépied avec toi ? Moi je l’ai passé il y a quelques années; je me suis planté au test pratique une fois…la bulle du niveau pas vraiment au centre…mais je l’ai eu au deuxième coup !

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