septembre 2011 archives

Voltaire flea market

Some pics from a roll I just got back from the lab. A rainy flea market in the neighborhood, my flatmate and my Nikon FE2… just what I needed to take some pictures.

Back again…

The actors are the same, the place is the same… maybe just the weather a bit moodiest : the « indigneros » are back to the place de la Bastille in Paris. It seems that it’s just a stop as they are walking to Bruxelles. This time, no heavy dispersal by the « gendarmerie » like in june (have […]

La Fistinière

I discovered this graf yesterday in my street (passage Thiéré). The Fistinière phenomenon have no limit ! For those who doesn’t know la Fistinière I invite you to watch the now famous documentary : (#NSFW and 18+ ^^)    

Rock en Seine 2011

  My last music festival for the summer, in the beautiful park of the « Domaine national de St Cloud ». There was a pretty nice lineup maybe a bit to hype for me, but anyway their was some really great show. Foo Fighters, The Streets, Deftones for the really huge bands, and some nice discoveries (for […]