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Paris, ses mamies à chien

Parti pour shooter un carnaval tropical avec ses paillettes, ses travestis Brésiliens et sa batucada, je reviens avec une bonne mamie parisienne dans toute sa splendeur ! Et j’ai même eu droit à un sourire 🙂

Paris, ses mamies à chien


Some old roll (Paris)

Here are the two last film I got back from the Lab. Just some street photography, mostly taken in the 11th and 12th neighborhood of Paris in the last two months.
Picture where taken on Fuji Pro 400h (color) and Ilford HP5 (bw) films.
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Bring the color back ! (sunshine)

Today pics from Paris streets ! The weather was bright and clear, the right time to start shooting in color again ! All the pictures were taken between the city hall, the «Marais» neighbourhood and the Bastille.
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The « Ligne 8 » Ghost (back to Paris)

I just came back to Paris yesterday, and I had the «chance» to take the saturday last subway. It’s always full of… well, full of funny people.

Paris - subway

Anarchy in the « Rue de la Roquette »

Lycéen contre les vacances / Second grade student against the holydays

Another day in my neighborhood, another unexpected form of demonstration. Last Thursday, second grade students blocked the circulation in the street causing a nice mess with … one garbage !!!
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Voltaire flea market

Brocante Voltaire - Paris

Some pics from a roll I just got back from the lab. A rainy flea market in the neighborhood, my flatmate and my Nikon FE2… just what I needed to take some pictures.

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Back again…

Indigneros @ Place de la Bastille

The actors are the same, the place is the same… maybe just the weather a bit moodiest : the « indigneros » are back to the place de la Bastille in Paris. It seems that it’s just a stop as they are walking to Bruxelles.

This time, no heavy dispersal by the « gendarmerie » like in june (have a look at the full photo report). I even saw a few of them smiling !

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La Fistinière

La Fistinière - Graf

La Fistinière – Graf

I discovered this graf yesterday in my street (passage Thiéré). The Fistinière phenomenon have no limit !

For those who doesn’t know la Fistinière I invite you to watch the now famous documentary : http://societe.fluctuat.net/blog/49375-a-la-fistiniere-camera-au-poing.html (#NSFW and 18+ ^^)



The Fan

He was there at the backstage entrance, waiting for the bands to come out, trying to get all piece of informations he could. After 2 minutes he took his picture from « Christophe » out of his bag… ready to get the pic signed. I don’t know if he finaly got it …

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