Pro life / anti-abortion walk in Paris

So here is the full report on the «Marche de la Vie» last sunday in Paris, where pro-life where protesting against abortion. You can also have a look on my article dedicated to the media coverage of the demonstration.

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From behind (a small screen)

As always, I walked randomly in a demonstration this weekend. Today anti-abortion movement where doing their annual «Walk of Life». I did a specific report on this (soon to be online), but I also took time to observe the media presence in the demonstration. There was maybe 2 or 3 TV crew, about 10 photographer like me, but also a huge amount of spectator shooting the demonstration from behind their cell phone or point and shoot camera. Hundreds of witnesses all along the street, shooting the same moments than me just because they were in the street at the exact right time.
But wait, what was the role of the photographer again ?
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Some old roll (Paris)

Here are the two last film I got back from the Lab. Just some street photography, mostly taken in the 11th and 12th neighborhood of Paris in the last two months.
Picture where taken on Fuji Pro 400h (color) and Ilford HP5 (bw) films.
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Bring the color back ! (sunshine)

Today pics from Paris streets ! The weather was bright and clear, the right time to start shooting in color again ! All the pictures were taken between the city hall, the «Marais» neighbourhood and the Bastille.
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The « Ligne 8 » Ghost (back to Paris)

I just came back to Paris yesterday, and I had the «chance» to take the saturday last subway. It’s always full of… well, full of funny people.

Paris - subway

Alone in the Dark (Huningue)

HuningueI’m spending a few days at my parents place in the city of Huningue. It’s the one and only place in France having borders with both Swiss and Germany.
But this doesn’t mean a highly animated place. I went for a night walk and I was amazed to see how the streets where empty compared to Paris night. It was around 10 pm and, in one hour, I saw about 10 cars and less than 5 persons and 3 cats in the street. What a strange sensation…

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Last roll from Paris streets

Paris - film roll - Pictures

Here are the pics of the last roll I got out of my old Nikon FE2. As always, it’s some random walk in Paris streets (mostly in the 11th district). You may also say hello to my buddy Caroline !

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Occupy La Défense

Occupy La Défense

I covered the « Occupy Bastille/French revolution » a few month ago as the events were happening right under my windows (ok, maybe 100m away).

After a few month of inactivity and the Occupy Wall Street events, the movement came back as « Occupy La Défense ». The idea is to camp at the Défense (the Paris business neighborhood) until their claims are heard.

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Anarchy in the « Rue de la Roquette »

Lycéen contre les vacances / Second grade student against the holydays

Another day in my neighborhood, another unexpected form of demonstration. Last Thursday, second grade students blocked the circulation in the street causing a nice mess with … one garbage !!!
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Another Saturday in Paris streets

A Slut Walk, a Rom Pride, filmmaker Tony Gatlif trouble with the french police and the « Nuit Blanche » here is an unexpected day shooting photos all over the city.

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