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Occupy La Défense

Occupy La Défense

I covered the « Occupy Bastille/French revolution » a few month ago as the events were happening right under my windows (ok, maybe 100m away).

After a few month of inactivity and the Occupy Wall Street events, the movement came back as « Occupy La Défense ». The idea is to camp at the Défense (the Paris business neighborhood) until their claims are heard.

The first day they arrived, the police forces tried to evacuate the camp by confiscating the tents, sleeping bags, food, and any kind of goods !

This report was proudly publish on the french magazine « Le Point » website, have a look :

I went back there a week later, the camp was still here, more organized even with the police attacking and confiscating stuff every nights.

The camp is still their, but it seems that only a very few people are staying now at the Defense and I’m wondering how long they will last as the winter is coming.


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