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f/4 in Brussels

f/4 crew in BrusselsHave you heard of the f/4 project ? I guess not 🙂

Here is the pitch : every week a random theme is sorted randomly (thanks to the wikipedia random article function). Each member has the week to shoot a picture and publish it. The result is displayed here :

We did this for about a year and starded to slow down and abandon the projet due to a lack of time, a very demanding concept and an old crappy website

After a few month of inactivity we decided to meet, the four of us for the first time in the project life (since we starded we where never altogether, in the same place at the same time). So we went to Brussels to discuss the futur of the projet, and well… take some picture together.

We have some plan for a new version of the site. It may take a while for a new version to come out… wait and see !
But what we did for sure, is the part where we take pictures of the city. Here is my pictures of the Belgian capital

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