Paris Gay Pride 2011

Paris Gay Pride
I try to cover every Gay Price since I stumbled upon the New York one. It’s a photographer dream : crazy people in «nice» outfits, who like to be taken in picture and a global good vibes.

Here is the full set of this year parade in Paris, fresh from this afternoon (don’t forget that you can watch it fullscreen !).

And here is a short selection from the others gay pride I covered

New York Gay Pride - 2008

New York – 2008

Montréal Gay Pride - 2009

Montréal – 2009

Paris Gay Pride - 2010

Paris – 2010

Brussels Gay Pride - 2011

Brussels – 2011

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  1. poux guillaume says:

    salut !! la photo de Paris 2010, les 3 bears celui de gauche c’est moi 😉 !!! Que de souvenir !!!!! Merci bcp !!!!

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